Consider buying a luxury property in Greece

Let’s say you decide to buy property in Halkidiki. First of all, consider rental options to see the overall situation. Where to start looking for a room, apartment, or villa?

Peculiarities of the rental procedure

First of all, you should contact a real estate agent or find a suitable offer online. Try to book an apartment in Greece by making advance payment to avoid missing the site you like. But do not send money to the owner without receiving his passport data and without concluding an agreement. The main thing is to make an effort to choose an apartment early.

Most of the evidence, as you might guess, will be required not from the tenant but the landlord. He will have to confirm that he owns the premises and that if other people lived there (for example, relatives), they have nothing against renting the space. You must also ensure that the owner is registered with the tax office. As for the tenant, to conclude an agreement, he will need:

  • international passport;
  • internal passport;
  • documents proving his ability to pay (for example, a certificate of employment or a sponsorship letter);
  • if commercial real estate in Greece is taken for rent – papers confirming the legal status of the company.

A house in Greece or a villa by the sea?

You are faced with a choice, which is better: to buy a house or a luxury villa in Greece by the sea, or at the foot of the mountains? Greece is a country where the unpredictable is combined. Here you can buy a property 200 meters from the azure sea with a view of the evergreen mountains. Buying an inexpensive house by the sea will bring you an unforgettable vacation. Believe me, such as purchase inspires new exploits.  

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