How To Get The Best Wedding Venue

Most people have never organized a big event before, so it can be hard to know where to start.

Once you have decided on the date of the big day and have reserved the venue for the wedding or civil ceremony, the next thing to do is to reserve the venue for the reception.

The most popular wedding is booked 3 years in advance, so to secure the fabulous wedding venue you’ve always dreamed of, it’s best to make it a priority from the start. In many cases, if you’re not too picky about the exact start date for married life, 6 months is often enough to book the seat of your choice.

Most wedding venues require a deposit to be paid immediately after booking and the balance of the rent well in advance of the wedding day. The hall rental fee, which often includes many other expenses for your wedding, such as food and entertainment, is one of your day’s biggest investments. People can feel uncomfortable parting with such a large amount of money upfront.

When they first start looking for accommodation, many couples immediately head to the big hotels. These hotels offer different packages for your big day, covering everything from food and accommodation to flowers and even wedding cars. These packages can provide good savings compared to booking all items individually. It is often good value for money and convenient, be aware that some hotels host more than one wedding a day, so you may run into another equally blushing bride at the reception, which can take away something sparkly from you at the reception.

Some people are put off by the fact that you often need to order food etc., yourself, but more and more of these potentially gorgeous wedding venues will help plan your big day for brides who would rather have someone else take on the burden.

Although they are lovely, you must remember that tents are only temporary structures, so it is common for them to get damaged when renting. Some marquee companies expect you to cover all costs for any damage that can be significant, so it would be wise to have wedding insurance with the added option of marquee coverage if a marquee is your ideal choice for your wedding venue Melbourne.

Also, check out the buildings and halls of the local society as potential wedding venues; they can often offer a far more exciting and memorable setting than a hotel or stately home, as they often hold special personal mementos for couples and families. They can be more convenient for friends and family traveling on your big day.


Start your wedding search online. Be sure to read these reviews; The venue can make an excellent impression when you go to see it, but it can be a different story on your wedding day or vice versa.

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